Getting close

In a week and a half I’ll be getting on a plane to Sydney, Australia. Right now I’m pretty much stuffing 100 pounds of stuff into two large bags and a small carryon. Anything I can think of that will come in handy around the world for the next year living out of a vehicle will be stuffed in. I’m saying many goodbyes over many beers, and just enjoying home before I say goodbye to it for a long time.  It’s hard for me to look too far ahead because I’m the sort of person to kind of enjoy the day thats going on and not worry too much about whats to come. When I arrive I’ll be buying some sort of vehicle and doing some minor converting to make it my new home. Mostly on the inside. The excitement is building to get on the road and start the adventure.

About Trueworldtravels

Following my heart around the planet. Bringing to life the unique world around us through writing and photography.
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1 Response to Getting close

  1. Elaine Segura says:

    The people along your journey will be LUCKY to meet you! Safe travels.❤️


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