Up up and away to Australia


The day before I left is when I kicked into traveling mode. Until then I tried to enjoy all the last times I’d have with family and friends for awhile. Over the pevious couple of weeks I made random piles all over the house of things I thought I wanted, kind of like a gopher leaving mounds in his tracks. I’m not ready to start really thinking about it till it’s time. So about 24 hours before I was to fly out I ran around like a crazed man stuffing everything into two large bags and a backpack, keeping the big ones just under 50 lbs each. It was a great goodbye day to the Oregon coast. Went out crabbing on the bay with beautiful weather, enjoyed an amazing sunset on the beach with a sweet friend, and then feasted on eleven dungeness crab with delicious wine. I always get a weird feeling in me when I leave, and I know I won’t be back for a good chunk of time. This time i knew it was for a extra long chunk of time with no end date. I thought maybe all that crab was getting to me, but it was just the traveling belly I get, some type of mix of emotions and nervousness. Spent the day up to the airport with my mom, enjoying some quality time. It was sad saying goodbye at the security line knowing I wasn’t going to see her or some other people in a long time, especially when she ran back and gave me a bracelet, and realising how sweet she is. Goodbyes are always so sweet n sour. On one hand it’s an exciting time of starting something new, the doors have opened to a new future, and anything is possible. Those feelings are shared with knowing that the time you’re in and have been in is coming to an end, you can never get back those feelings you had that summer, change is constant, and that you have to say goodbye to a moment in time.
It’s strange to fly on 9/11, when a lot of the TV’s at the airport are showing videos of planes crashing into buildings and all the reruns from that day. My first leg took me on the 2 hour flight from Portland to LA, which ended up in a deep conversation for the entire flight about politics, religion, materialism, and how people live there lives. I feel like my life is turning more and more into strange coincidences and encounters. I feel like everyday I end up meeting someone or crossing paths with someone who after talking find out we are connected in some roundabout way. I love that. It makes this big gnarly world feel small and meaningful. After LA I had my next leg of an eleven hour flight to Fiji. Mostly spent dozing in and out of it, waking up to get some grub and gulp down a couple whiskey cokes, and having strange dreams. In one dream I was running around on a sail boat grabbing ropes, and I woke up to my hands around the girls arm next to me shaking her awake. She was a little startled to say the least. I think our relationship as seat mates was pretty solid up until that point, but I think I put a strain on it. I’m pretty sure she was telling someone in the immigration line about the weirdo in 35A who liked to grope biceps. Not the worst reputation to get I guess. I’m now on my final leg of flights to Sydney, Australia. Been about three hours of looking down at open blue ocean and blood curdling child screaming to my left. But life is good, and expecting to make landfall soon. Looking out over the vast sea with popcorns of fluffy clouds scattered over it I feel like the adventure has begun. It’s no longer a bunch of scribbles on pages, thoughts in my brain, and waiting. Hello Australia, hello unknown.

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1 Response to Up up and away to Australia

  1. Ellen Gerl says:

    When I read your posts I think I get almost as excited as you are but realize it is just a mom’s happy feelings that her son is living the life he dreams of. Have a great adventure, enjoy all the people you meet, and post us lots of pictures along with your stories.


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