Goodbye Australia. Goodbye Liver.

For my last romp of Australia I flew down to Melbourne to visit a friend from Maine named Erica She’s living and working their as an occupational therapist. I met her years ago in Ecuador when here background came in handy and she became my doctor. I had a disgustingly infected eye wound that she cleaned out and patched up. I had gotten poked really bad in it, and thought if I just patched it with toilet paper and duct tape, and went to sleep, it would be as good as new. I woke up in the morning with it crusted shut and green oozing out. It really sucks when the colour green oozes out of your body. She cleaned it all out and got me on the road to recovery.

A couple days later her services were needed again when I crashed a motorcycle on a gravel road and deposited some stones into my skin. I blame it on not having my vision all the way back in the bad eye. Then a couple years ago we randomly crossed paths at Lake Ohrid in Macedonia. She was traveling with another guy and I was meeting up with a friend, Lee, who I met in Kosovo. Lee and I went over to the apartment that they had rented to have a big dinner cook up. Part way through the night, the owner named Jimmy came over and got pissed because apparently no guests were allowed. We weren’t entirely sober and I took offence to this Jimmy jerkoff. We got in each others faces and there was a lot of screaming and yelling. In the end I got them kicked out of their apartment and they came to stay at my place. The four of us continued on traveling together from there and had some great times.

Almost had a super reunion because Lee had been in Melbourne for a month, but had taken off. Most times when you meet up with traveler friends around the world it involves a bit of partying, and we did just that. She lives with some really nice guys who were super cool hosts. I had five days before heading off to Indonesia, and my liver made the most of it. One evening started with an awesome vodka and fish taco night, which led to heading out around eleven, remembering the first ten minutes of the bar, then waking up completely naked on a pullout bed, alone, and having no idea how I got there. Might have made a tiny bit of an ass outa myself. For Halloween there was a going away party for one of their roommates who is moving to Brisbane. So the day started early with a champagne/baileys/beer/pimms brunch with delicious food. Then we went out to a bar with a big group for more drinks and good times. At around six a few of us left and caught the train into the city for a Halloween party. The majority of a bottle of vodka was enjoyed on the train ride. I was given a one piece Mike Wazowski outfit, from Monsters Inc to wear. Never seen it, but thats what I was told it was. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for some, it buttoned up the front with snap buttons, which aloud me to rip it open and flash people on the tram and streets on the way to the party. I did have some little black shorts on, so it wasn’t too obscene.

It was a massive party that reminded me of movies, and somehow I managed to lose my camera so I lost all my photos of the visit to Melbourne. Super lame. At least I managed to wake up clothed. It wasn’t all just blacked out debauchery though, we all cooked meals, watched movies, played tennis, and went to the market. It was a great way to say goodbye to Australia, and was some of the best times of my entire time there. I cherish all the friends I have in random places in this world who are willing to give me a bed and a kick ass good time. Goodbye Australia, hello Indonesia.

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