Nights out as DJ Handsome Face, Brando’s Blues Bar. Missing my KLR

For two days Samosir Island held the fourth annual Extrim Sumatra Expedition races. There were well over a hundred 2-stroke dirt bikes all over the place. There’s nothing like the sound and smell of two strokes. I love it like the sound of waves lapping on the shore and smell of freshly cut grass. All the rain this time of year turns everything into mud, and perfect for a race like it. Hung around the starting line and watched them set off. Most of the time was spent being asked if random people could take pictures with me, from riders to tiny little muslim ladies. Being around all those motorcycles got me excited to get mine back soon. I miss it.

My last night on Samosir I earned my favourite nickname I’ve ever had. A couple beers at Liberta led us back down to Roy’s Pub, where we had spent a fun Saturday night. It had been packed with live music. Mainly what we were after was the ping pong table because there was some unfinished business after a few intense games before. Wasn’t so lively on a Monday though, and not even open. New plan, go towards the loud music. Just a bit past Roy’s on the right was a small place with dance music pumping. We walk in and were greeted by some middle aged local women being very friendly. After being led over to a table directly in front of blaring speakers, it started to appear that some of them might be prostitutes. They were a little overly friendly. No big deal, but when they wanted to rip us off on beer we got the hell out. I’m down for anything, but try to rip me off on beer and I’m out. Had beers at another ladies shop, until she said we had to leave because it was time to take care of the kids. On to another restaurant where we met up with some other people and closed it down. Brando’s Blues Bar, which is near Reggae Bar on the other side of Tuk Tuk, is always willing to except some money. We rolled into there and ended up until after 4AM. At some point I crawled behind the DJ booth and started running the music. The owner lady just went with it, and surprisingly liked what I played. She’s a very sweet and flirty fifty year old local woman. She started calling me DJ Handsome Face.


At almost three o’clock she told me that they usually close at two, and that I could play two more songs. After about four more we stopped. Then after we hung out drinking with no music for ten minutes, it was back on for another hour. The only condition was that I had to play soft songs or love songs, like soft Guns & Roses, Bryan Adams, or Bon Jovi. It was a kick ass night and I was happy with my new name, I wasn’t as happy about any of it in the morning when I was hungover with a big travel day ahead of me.

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2 Responses to Nights out as DJ Handsome Face, Brando’s Blues Bar. Missing my KLR

  1. Golda says:

    Accept not except. Great read. Sounds like a jolly good time!


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