Pulau Weh: Sunsets, contemplation, and reflection

Pulau Weh sunset at KM 0

Pulau Weh sunset at KM 0

One the best parts of staying on an island are the sunsets. Even if you’re on the wrong side, it’s usually not too far of a journey to get a nice angle. Sometimes it won’t even matter and the colours in the east sky have their own beauty going on. I was lucky enough to make it to a few gorgeous spots on Pulau Weh. One evening I joined a couple local dudes and we drove up to a high point in the jungle facing west. It looked over vast open ocean with Bob Marley Island in the distance (where all the weed is grown and allowed, and protected by the police from what I’ve been told). We sat for a couple hours talking about life and whatever came to mind.

Pulau Weh sunset at KM 0

Pulau Weh sunset at KM 0

The smoke flowed freely, and life seemed to make a little more sense on the slow cruise home twisting through the jungle on scooters with the warm breeze flowing up your shirt. Sometimes it’s a surprise who the ones are that give you a new outlook. Another evening I went with a friend to the zero kilometre marker for a perfect view of the sunset. It’s the very farthest you can go west by road in Indonesia, and is the start of the country. We were joined by many locals drinking coconuts, taking photos, and giggling about us. The sun set slowly bursting with new colours every minute. The clouds changed form and size, and new ones emerged, creating an ever changing painting throughout the sky.

A sunset has the ability to bring together everyone from all backgrounds. It doesn’t discriminate. I enjoyed sunsets on the porch of my bungalow even though it faced northeast. I didn’t have the big oranges, but I would get soft purples, which were a perfect way to slow the day down and enter the evening. A friendly black dog would usually join me and slap his tail happily on the wooden deck when I talked to him about the day. These are the moments that are so wonderful each day. These are the moments to enjoy and be happy about life. You’re alive and made it through another day. You’re breathing the air and your senses are being tickled.

I love a sunrise and the feeling of a new day, but the sunset is my favourite. I feel as if my clearest thoughts come through at this time. Just like the prettiest colours of the day decide to come through. I find inspiration in the colours. I imagine back on whats happened that day, the past week, a random day two years ago, a similar sunset five years ago, and where my life was seven years ago. I imagine the next day, the coming week, where I will be in two years, where I will be watching the sunset in five years, and how life will pan out in seven years. I’m not scared or worried about any of it, and look forward to everything that’s thrown my way to add to the incredibly lucky mind full of memories I already have. The only sad part about this reflection and contemplation is that time is running. Life moves so fast and doesn’t wait for anyone. You have to take advantage of every last moment as if it could be you last. It sounds cliche, but man is it true. Harry Devert, a friend and awesome traveller of the world, would tell that to the world now loud and clear. He set out on a motorcycle journey with the same type motorcycle to ride towards Brazil from New York for the World Cup. His life was tragically cut short in Mexico, before the dream could be realised.

Live your dream

Live your dream

He was living his dream though, and he will always be an inspiration to me to never stop dreaming until that day comes that all of us face. So the next time you notice the sun setting, don’t just glance over and then go right back to your iPhone and continue rushing through your day. Pull over, take a breath, slow down, and take a moment to contemplate and reflect on yourself. Take a moment to think about the important people in your life and what they mean to you.

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4 Responses to Pulau Weh: Sunsets, contemplation, and reflection

  1. ellengerl57 says:

    Wonderfully spoken and so true Ryan. I love you!


  2. Anonymous says:

    I would have to agree. Nicely put kid o mine.


  3. Elaine Segura says:

    Very moving post,Ryan…thanks for sharing.❤️


  4. Well written guapo. Beautiful words.


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