Turkey’s stunning Mediterranean & Turquoise Coast photography

Turkey’s Mediterranean coast was spectacular. Long stretching and small cove beaches next to the clear jade sea are backed by rugged forest-covered limestone slopes, which become the Taurus Mountains. Pomegranates and oranges grow abundantly everywhere. Delicious mediterranean cuisine and multicolored vibrant sunsets are easy to come by. Traveling through in early November might be the best time of year. During the summer temperatures can get sweltering and a bit miserable, but in the fall its comfortable in the 70’s. The summer brings hordes of tourists to the region, but the fall sees them disappear. Many of the hotels, guesthouses, and bungalows are preparing to close for the season, which means prices go way down and you can get rooms at a fraction of the price. Instead of trying to put any of it into words, here’s a description of the beauty through photography. A place that was never really on my list for places to go, but will be on my list of places to get back to.

Olympos and the ride west.


Oludeniz and the beautiful coastline to the east


Butterfly Valley













Out over the Lycian Coast


Last camp-spot in Turkey. Gallipoli





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1 Response to Turkey’s stunning Mediterranean & Turquoise Coast photography

  1. Janet Hill says:

    Gorgeous photographs!


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