Beauty of Bosnia & Herzegovina

In my last post I showed the scars of war in Bosnia & Herzegovina, but this time I’d like to show the beautiful side of the country. This is one place not to be missed in the Balkans. Lush green mountains and turquoise rivers meet old castles and minarets. Amazingly beautiful landscapes combine with friendly villages and delicious food.

Entering Bosnia from Niksic, Montenegro, you come over a small pass and into a gorgeous river valley.

Driving northwest towards Mostar, the valley floor becomes vineyards and other crops.

An old fort sits atop the hill overlooking Stolac.

The intriguing old town of Mostar. Following the Neretva River towards Sarajevo.

Riding along the river through the limestone karst and mountain peaks is a magical experience.

Sarajevo, a city that grabs ahold and begs for you to stay longer.

Enclosed by mountains, an amazing view of the city or surrounding area is always close by. Two forts are perched over the city giving the perfect vantage point. The spring rains turn everything to a lush green

From the summit of Mt. Trebevič you have almost 360 degrees of views around you.

In 1984, Sarajevo held the Winter Olympics. Most of the venues and sites were destroyed or badly damaged during the war. On the slopes of Mt. Trebevič, you can still explore the bobsled track from these games. Twisting through the pine forest, much of it is now decorated in colorful graffiti. Holes in the sides of it were made by Serbian soldiers for vantage points to keep a look out.


The hills around Mt. Trebevič are an enchanting place where it feels like time has stopped.

Driving up into the hills on the other side of Sarajevo takes you to Skakavac Waterfall, which is set in a beautiful forest.

Just because it’s late April doesn’t mean winter can’t pop back in for a surprise visit. Sarajevo in snow.

The white fortress on a snow day. During the war, parkland had to be used as cemeteries to bury the many dead. Because of this, there are entire cemeteries where almost every gravestone is the same year. Sarajevo is the city where Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, which kicked of World War I. This is the bridge where it all went down.

The countryside is dotted with villages and small towns hiding old forts, minarets, and great views.

Snowy peaks pop up in front of you as the road twists towards the northwest from Sarajevo.

Waterfalls in the town of Jajce, which is full of history and a huge fort atop the hill in the center

Castles sit perched over the top of gorgeous landscapes.

The beautiful clear water that flows through Bihac.

See ya later Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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2 Responses to Beauty of Bosnia & Herzegovina

  1. ellengerl57 says:

    Absolutely beautiful photography of this region. Again, you make me want to get on that motorcycle with you!


  2. Tiffany Kreitzberg says:

    Stunning photos! Look, you are still making animal friends. 🙂


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