Auschwitz, Hitler’s Wolf’s Lair, & through Poland to the Baltic Sea Coast

Auschwitz, a network of Nazi concentration camps in Poland. Nazi Germany annexed the area and turned it into hell-on-earth. This is Auschwitz 1:

Auschwitz II-Birkenau:

Large crematoriums (gas chambers) were here. Just before the camp was liberated, the SS burned and demolished these building with explosives, but the rubble remains. People were brought into the camp on train and then faced the selection. If you looked fit for work, you were sent one way, but if you didn’t look to be capable of hard labour, you were sent straight to the gas chambers.

Beautiful colorful Wroclaw and it’s dwarf population.


The Baltic coast with long empty beaches.

The Baltic port city of Gdansk.

Camping on the Hel Peninsula

With an amazing sunset of transforming colors and shapes.


The Wolf’s Lair. Hitler’s first eastern front military headquarters during the war. Situated in the far north of Poland, near Kaliningrad, it was surrounded by three security zones. Hitler spent time at other bunkers of his during the war, but spent over 800 days in the wolf’s lair from 1941-1944. In 1944 they began work enlarging and reinforcing the complex, but never finished because of the fast advancing Red Army. 48 hours before the arrival of the soviets, it was blown up and abandoned.

The concrete walls were around three meters thick.

One section of what is left of Hitler’s bunker


The roof-top of Hermann Göring’s bunker.

One of the most famous assassination attempts on Hitler’s life was made here by Claus Von Stauffenberg. He was to carry a briefcase full of explosives into a meeting room. The meeting being moved to another room, Hitler calling the meeting earlier than expected, and other factors contributed to it being unsuccessful. Four others were killed in the blast, but Hitler only sustained minor injuries. This assassination attempt was part of the movie Valkyrie, with Tom Cruise.

After seeing all the nasty history it’s nice to see some happy birds.

Not far from The Wolf’s Lair, to the northeast, is another bunker complex called Mauerwald. In the country side, around the Wolf’s Lair, were other bunker complexes, but this was the largest.

This room is literally full of Nazi shit. It was the sewage treatment building for the complex.


Besides Nazi hideouts, the northeast of Poland is full of beautiful lakes.



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  1. cherylsmit says:

    Great photos, thank you for sharing. Such a dark history


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