Art For Sale

With my photography from around the world I print on premium canvas with an Epson printer. Once dry I coat the canvas in two layers of varnish, which protects it from UV rays, dirt, and moisture. The canvas prints are stretched over custom 10″x14″ wooden frames and stapled. On each one I’ve written about where the photo was taken and a brief description. I’m definitely not a professional photographer, just a traveler with many stories to tell and places I’d like to share with people. I’ve put my heart and a lot of time into them. The pictures below are of the actual pieces and you can click on them to see a larger view. If you’re interested in purchasing any of my art work just contact me on the form below and let me know which ones you’re interested in. I’m selling them for $60 each and use paypal. Since I love anyone who looks at my site, shipping is free :). Thanks for checking them out! Life’s a short ride, get out and find some pretty places!




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