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Kyrgyzstan| Issyk Kul beach camping, Russian saunas, shooting kalashnikovs, & adopted by Kyrgyz family

Some days you wake up expecting something wild and fun to happen, and sometimes it comes out of nowhere. When I climbed on my motorcycle in the morning, I didn’t expect to be shooting an assault rifle into the lake … Continue reading

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Far-West Nepal & crossing Bhimdatta border to NW India

Before leaving Pokhara, I met a Polish/Australian rider who also started in Australia. He had crossed Myanmar with people I know. Both of us were heading the same way so we grouped up and made our way back to the … Continue reading

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Huay Xai friendship bridge by motorcycle to Thailand & help from ghost of my past?

I’d heard a lot of stories about the Huay Xai border, which is the furthest northern crossing between Laos and Thailand. I had done it the opposite way, from Thailand to Laos, a few years ago. I had done it … Continue reading

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Camping in southern Thailand & returning to the crime scene

Khao Lak, Ao Khoei, Thung Wau Lean, and Pranburi beaches. I made my way up the Andaman coast, stopping along the way in Krabi to take another look at a spot where I almost killed myself. It’s sort of a … Continue reading

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Leaving new family and making dreams happen

It was hard to be in Kuala Lumpur for so long when I was all jacked up to get on the road, but the good part about spending an extended time in a place is the the new family you … Continue reading

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Some craaaazy weather in the Blue Mountains!!!!

It was crazy cold in the van a couple nights ago, but nothing compared to how frozen I was last night. At 2 in the morning there was about 7 inches of snow covering everything before some rain came in … Continue reading

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Gold Coast and Brisbane good times, a little creepiness, and attack birds

Spent a few days on the Gold Coast mostly around Tweed Heads. Theres some big surf break in the area, with good spots for watching. One day off behind a group of 30 odd surfers was a mama humpback whale … Continue reading

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