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Exploring Penang: Art, locals at work, and my favorite market in Penang

For a couple nights I moved over to Georgetown, the capital city on the island, which was named after Britain’s King George III. It was founded in 1786 by a trader from the British East India Company. In 2008 it … Continue reading

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Exploring Penang: National Park, Temples, and Clan Jetties

The 230km to Penang were a bit tough with brain that only had a couple hours sleep and a belly that digested some low quality alcohol. As the road curved and weaved back down out of the highlands, the humidity … Continue reading

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Cheap diving in Pulau Weh, the kingdom of eels

Around the northwest side of Pulau Weh are some sweet dive sites. I’ve never found cheaper diving anywhere in the world. It’s the low/rainy season from approximately September till March/April, and you will find yourself on empty

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Bus to Lake Toba, and eating with your left hand. Sumatra

Medan isn’t anywhere I’m interested in staying for longer than I have to so in the morning it was time to move, and Lake Toba was the place. I had one of those who’s on first skit moments getting to … Continue reading

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